About Us

At Westside Barbell, our goal has always been to demystify the training within our chalky walls. We have, and still do, provide training books, articles, blogs, and various videos explaining athlete-proven results and training methodologies. 

In 2018 our team noticed the shift in how strength culture was accessing and assimilating educational content. We identified the need to create a rapid and robust member-centric platform to share our training blueprints and philosophies, which was the genesis of the Conjugate Club.

From powerlifters to fighters, football players to track athletes, our programming has assisted in training multiple All-Time World Record holders and Champions. The Conjugate club allows us to engage and share real-time training processes into our athletic programming while providing optimal educational guidance at every step regardless of skill level or training goal. Best of all, you choose the level of commitment based on your needs.

 One of our most significant advantages is accessibility. Our system is fully interactive to work seamlessly between cell phone, tablet, and computer. Anywhere in the world, you can educate yourself on the theory, application, and execution of the training methods that have been shown and proven to work over the last 30 years. 

 For years many of our fans and followers have stated that you are not genuinely training Conjugate unless you are at Westside Barbell. Well, now you can say that you are not training Westside Conjugate unless you’re a member of the Conjugate Club.