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World-renowned strengths coach Louie Simmons and his staff created this club to provide an all-new education system through which they will share extensive knowledge and experience on using the conjugate system. All are WELCOME!


  • Access to all of our amazing workouts and content

  • Tailor made for athletes at all levels

  • Chat with other members of the tight knit community

  • Extensive content that you'll never get bored of

  • Created by Louie Simmons and Westside Barbell

  • Workout at your own pace in the gym of your choice

Meet The Team

Conjugate Club is brought to you by Louie Simmons and the experts at Westside Barbell.

Reviews from Real Members

Piotr Nowakowski

5 star rating

“Loved every secound of it. Best ever. Thank you!”

“Loved every secound of it. Best ever. Thank you!”

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scott pauly

5 star rating

“great content and video. Thanks WSBB”

“great content and video. Thanks WSBB”

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Terrence Staples

5 star rating

“There was a lot of information that is useful. I can’t wait to get started with what I have learned.”

“There was a lot of information that is useful. I can’t wait to get started with what I have learned.”

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  • Can a subscription be cancelled at any time?

    Yes, your subscription can be cancelled at any time. The Conjugate Club has no contracts.

  • What equipment is needed?

    Equipment needed for each program is different. The Back to Basics program was created with minimal equipment in mind. What you need for Back to Basics is a power rack, bench, power bar, bands or chains, and dumbbells. For all other programs, specialty bars such as a safety squat bar, cambered bar, bamboo bar, etc., are used. Additionally, specialty machines such as the reverse hyper, inverse curl, and other Westside Barbell-specific machines are used.

  • Am I able to ask questions?

    Our unlimited membership provides an area to ask questions and interact with other users. Additionally, members have the ability to write a question to be answered by Louie Simmons.

  • Are specific accessories given or is this just a general outline?

    Each workout provides specific accessories as well as the number of sets and reps.

  • Do you provide customized programming?

    We do not provide individualized programming.

  • If I cancel and then sign back up at a later date will I recover my previous workouts?

    If you cancel your progress and previous workouts will not carry over to a new subscription.

  • If I cancel my membership, how long will it take?

    When your membership is cancelled you will still have access up until what would have been your renewal date.